At Grupo Miguel Ramón we are dedicated to customer service, offering a specific customer design for each type of need. Currently, the company specialises in International Refrigerated Transport and the provision of a global service through preferential agreements with the different actors in the supply chain.

Servicio de transporte frigorífico Miguel Ramón
Comprehensive management in international refrigerated transport
  • Export traffic
  • Import traffic
  • National traffic
Servicio de transporte global Miguel Ramón
Global service through preferential agreements
  • Sea, rail and air transport
  • Customs Services
  • Warehousing Services

Our trajectory and specialization in refrigerated road transport, with more than 80 years of experience, guarantee the quality of the service.

We are a responsible company with extensive experience in the transport sector, which has been able to adapt its material and human resources to a constantly changing market to which it provides a service of the highest quality, reliability and sustainability.

We have the services of:

    • Simple drivers.
    • Double conductors for urgent goods.
    • Non-stop service for the most urgent or highly perishable goods.


Grupo Miguel Ramón has a large refrigerated fleet to cover all the needs of transporting temperature-controlled goods, both fresh and frozen, adapted to the most demanding European environmental regulations.

Our customers will have vehicles for their shipments in which the average age of the tractor units does not exceed two years and that of the semi-trailers three years. This degree of fleet renewal results in the level of quality and service, as well as in the safety of deliveries. Our tractor suppliers are among the best in Europe in terms of both technology and efficiency, with an extensive service network.

Flota de camiones de Miguel Ramón Transports

Own fleet of temperature-controlled trucks, also incorporating the latest technological advances in terms of efficient driving and sustainability.

Grupo Miguel Ramón has units with DVS (Direct Vision Standard) device to make deliveries in the London metropolitan area. As well as UK-specific units with reinforced safety measures on the roof and rear doors with grade 3 safety locks.

Configuration of the fleet adapted for circulation within Switzerland in compliance with the country’s demanding weight and size standards.

We equip the vehicles with geolocation systems so that our customers have complete information about their goods in real time. All our vehicles comply with the EURO VI E standard, the regulations for the control of gas emissions and fuel consumption.


Grupo Miguel Ramón offers a quality service, personalized and adapted to the needs of each market.

Specialists in the optimisation of transport routes.

After more than 80 years in the market, our proven experience allows us to know the evolution of the different markets in Europe, choose and optimize their routes by adapting the protocols to the different regulations in force depending on the destination country.

GMR’s main areas of influence are in Europe, with particular importance on routes to the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and the Nordic countries. Today, the company continues to expand its offering into new emerging markets, such as Greece and Bulgaria.

Rutas de Transportes Miguel Ramón



+ 0 Km

We travel more than 10,000,000 km a year, the equivalent of going around the world more than 250 times.


- 0 %

We are ahead of the regulations and have calculated our company’s emissions since 2020, obtaining a cumulative reduction of 27.65%:

    • 2020 emissions: 0.00047 TN/KM
    • 2021 emissions: 0.00044 TN/KM
    • 2022 emissions: 0.00034 TN/KM
IFS Logistics
BRGS Certification
Civil Penalty Accreditation
Flota de camiones de Miguel Ramón Transports

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