Our headquarters are located in La Rápita, Tarragona. Grupo Miguel Ramón also has 2 other commercial delegations located in Valencia and Newhaven (United Kingdom), from which it serves all its customers and covers any transport needs to and from Spain.

Our headquarters are also home to the main technical and operational base for the fleet’s vehicles. These facilities are equipped with all the necessary means to provide service to the fleet and our drivers.

It consists of, among other things, workshops, a truck wash, a service station for the supply of fuel to our vehicles, as well as a fully equipped room for the continuous training of our employees. It also has a rest room for the staff and all the necessary services to meet their needs. All these facilities are equipped with the most modern means and highly qualified staff.

The company has fully renovated facilities of more than 600 square meters to house the different management departments of the company, such as sales, purchasing, human resources or administration.

Instalaciones Grupo Miguel Ramón


  • Parking area 15,000 m2
  • Own dispenser
Instalaciones Grupo Miguel Ramón


  • Workshop
  • Storage warehouse with more than 2,000 m2
  • Laundry
  • Bureaux
  • Training room
Flota de camiones de Miguel Ramón Transports

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